Safari Tips you need to know before traveling to Tanzania

Hakuna Matata - You may hear this phrase a number of times from Disney Movies especially THE LION KING. Hakuna Matata is Swahili word which means NO WORRIES. Maybe this word is just a word for many when on a holiday at Disney World, but for the East African Safaris it is a Life style. Everyone in East Africa wants it’s esteemed guests (Tourists) to enjoy their time and have No Worries whatsoever during their Safari Time.

Below are various tips for a Safari into the Wildlife of East Africa:

Stay Safe

Firstly, when you do a game drive in any of the national parks like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Selous, Ruaha and many more, please stay inside your safari Vehicle or your selected Car during the drive; however much you love animals, as it sometimes may not be mutual as you like. The likelihood of you being alone out of the car may also cause them to go wild and attack you, and we all know how life is precious to all. The ideal place to have animals
around you and being able to feed them and enjoy would be the Zoo and not on a wildlife Safari.

Follow Your Guide

The Big Cats, Lions and Elephants may not be the only Dangerous species out there. There would be a likely case of other tourists ending up to harm you. Some of them are daring and experienced to try out the worst routes with great risks and lead to misguide you. It is thus important to follow your guides and listen to what they tell you. Safari Guides have sufficient experience and over time have the knowledge of the various species out there, routes to take, picnic lunch spots etc for you to make the most of your game drive.

Choice of Clothes

For you to be flexible on your safari, you must select those clothes which is easy to dry “not cotton” as the weather may change suddenly and you would not like to stay in wet clothes. During your trip you may also note a lot of guides, drivers and people you meet on your drive wearing Khaki Clothes. This is due to the same not being attractive to many insects and flies as compared to Blue, Red and other colors. Dark colors may also observe heat and thus it is important to avoid the same during a Safari.

Stay Quite

Do not make noise whilst on a game drive. At times you may get too excited when you happen to spot an animal, which can scare the animal away. This would result into your friends also missing an opportunity to see the animals and for you to capture good memories by clicking photographs. It goes without saying - do not forget to mute your mobile phones during a game drive In the past it was recommended for people to leave their phones back at the hotel when going for a game drive. But nowadays mobile phones are widely used for taking pictures and thus you are advised to put your phones on silent mode during a game drive.

Minimum Expectations

Don’t be too Demanding or expect to see all the Big Five on your first game drive - remember that this is a wild life Game reserve and not a local zoo. Your guides will do their utmost best to find every animal on your wish list, but there's no guarantee that you'll see everything. Parks and reserves are vast, the animals are unpredictable as they always move. Make sure you communicate what you are interested in and what you may have seen on previous drives to improve your chances. The best way of making sure you don't get disappointed is to take an interest in the drive and nature holistically and making the most when on a Safari.

Just be calm, follow the tips and everything will be okay as the word HAKUNA MATATA.

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